Teacher recommended Derricht: The best way to go to Manchester City is to activate a Manchester City


To say the most popular player in the transfer market this summer, Ajax centre-back Derricht refused to give in. Facing the invitation from Bayern Munich, Juventus, Greater Paris, Manchester City and Barcelona, the captain of Jiafu seems more inclined to join the La Liga championship. However, it is not clear whether Umti will leave the team or not. Once Derricht joins, he will compete for one. Main position.

Derricht's future is worrying. Even his former mentor, Peter Boss, who now coaches Leverkusen, has expressed some opinions on the former disciple. "Derricht's best choice now is to join Manchester City!"

"Now Kompani has announced his departure, Ottamandi's position in the team is not strong, his ability is not excellent, it is only Laporte, if he can partner Derricht next season, he will make great progress next season, I am sure Derricht can activate him."

Laporte, a 25-year-old French centre-back, can be said to be the biggest culprit in Manchester City's exit this season. Although he played smoothly in the League all season, Sun Xingtuo completely knocked out the Champions League match against Spurs, resulting in Manchester City's exit. Now Boss believes that if Derricht joins to revitalize Rabott, it will depend on the choice of City's top managers.

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