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2019! A brand new year! In this winter and spring, when all things come to life, Sina Sports International Football Department, recruit talents, welcome you with outstanding strength, join our big family.

Recruitment Job 1: Internship Editor, Location: Beijing Sina Headquarters Building


1. Academic qualifications: sophomore, junior and senior undergraduates are available (postgraduates are also available)

2. Strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, earnest working attitude and meticulous efforts to perfect the work

3. Enjoy international football, have some knowledge of international football, have relevant experience in international football journalism and writing articles is preferred.

4. Basic English, CET4 or above

5. Have a certain writing foundation, have a deep ability to express words, and have a good writing skills.

6. Hardworking, able to work at night, watch games and write after games.

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